Our Christmas celebrations start on Christmas Eve, the traditional German way, with Stollen, Lebkuchen and anything else German we can whip up. Christmas Day is all Australian – beers, bbq and prawns. Images: 1. She Knows, How Did I Do It, Nothing LIke Australia & Fig and Cherry.

Weekends With…

Weekends where there are no plans are often the best kind.

Rediscovering Rest

Sarah Wilson’s post this week was a timely reminder of the importance of rest. Prone to not resting and going a million miles an hour, I’ll be making an effort these holidays to slow down and just be. Here’s what I’ll be doing and if you think drinking wine doesn’t count, I’m sure my besties … Continue reading

To Give

My family opt for Oxfam gifts each year and this year we’re purchasing an Buffalo from Oxfam Unwrapped. What are you giving this year?