Wedding Wonder

Despite it raining more last weekend that it has in April in something crazy like 20 years, my bestie’s wedding was magical.

Tucked away in the clouds and mist at Mavi’s Kitchen, the ceremony was held on the deck of the farm house, sheltered from the relentless rain.

Highlights included a life drawing class in Byron (for the Hens)

Pre-wedding, cook your own BBQ’s at Tumbulgum Tavern

Night before girly catch ups at Mavis’ Farm House

Getting beautified by Kate McKenna and Sarah

The big day going with a blur. The only pic I managed to snap was of the flowers!

And one shot with the amazing bride.

So much love to you guys C & J. x

One Response to “Wedding Wonder”
  1. Crystal says:

    It really was a memorable day thats for sure, from the rain to the flooding bridge – so much excitement and adventure.
    Thanks Sarah for capturing great pictures, can’t believe its over!
    Now for yours, look forward so much to this day too xxxxxx

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